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January 21, 2011

SharePoint: Office Web Apps – PowerPoint Broadcasting

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So I thought I’d give the Office Web Apps installation a try, just to see how things worked.  The installation itself is pretty easy.  You may see a lot of stuff go flying by in the SharePoint Configuration Wizard (that you have to run after the Office Web Apps install is finished) that would seem to indicate that it’s creating a bunch of service applications.  Don’t worry, it’s not.  I assume it’s just doing a check to make sure all of the applications that are supposed to be installed are installed.

At any rate, once that was done, I wanted to set up a PowerPoint Broadcast site.  This turned out to be a learning experience, so here are a few gotchas.  The PowerPoint Broadcasting is only available as a site collection template.  I assume there’s probably a way to shoehorn it’s functionality anywhere using Visual Studio or SharePoint Designer, but I just wanted to get it up and running.  So, when you create a site collection, do it then.  Also, when you create the PowerPoint Service Application you can also create a site collection that will be the “default” broadcasting site.  However, if you don’t do it as part of the service application creation process, you can’t add a “default” broadcasting site afterwards.  Live and learn.

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