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September 22, 2011

SharePoint: Search gotcha

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So below I detailed the steps I had to take to get SharePoint Foundation Search running on my farm.  It worked great.  It even indexed content I didn’t expect it to index!

On the one of the sites that I am indexing now is a list.  That list contains seemingly innocuous information, but one of the requirements that the group had for that list was that some of the information contained on it was not ‘publicly’ (visitors) viewable.  No problem.  I created a new Display Form for the list, set it as the default and I thought I was done.  Until the crawler got to the site.  See, I didn’t remove the original display form because I thought: 1) I might need it, and 2) I’m not a big fan of removing default content unless I really have to.

You can guess what happened.  I entered form data into the search box and I got back links to the original (no longer default) display form aspx page.  That was no good.  I was hoping that I could somehow restrict access to, or hide the page but, after poking around in SharePoint Designer for a little bit, I decided I’d just delete the file.  The interesting part is that that appeared to break the index for the site and I had to wait for the crawler to run again before searching worked.

Worst case, I mount and recover the file from an SPSite backup that I have.  Though, I can probably also just copy the default display form aspx page from another list.

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