Car fun

So, there I was, driving to work yesterday morning on the dirt road behind my apartment. I take the dirt road because it’s much faster than taking city streets. I was driving down this dirt road and I came upon the last turn before it intersects with the regular city street that runs into campus. As I passed the nice yellow “suggestion” sign that said 25mph, I turned the corner a little wide.

This is a right turn. My backend started sliding out to the left. I compensated (overly, as it turns out) and then started spinning the other way. I bounced my car off the left side of the road and skidded to a halt facing the wrong way. I had my window cracked, so I got a car full of dust.

After making a mental check of myself (most of my momentum was lost in the spin, not in the impact, and what was lost in the impact was lessened by the loose dirt and slight incline of the side of the road), I tried to start my engine again since it had stalled. It didn’t start.

Swearing at myself, I hopped out of the car, popped the hood and gave the whole thing a once over. Externally, I’d pretty much demolished my passanger side front bumper. And by demolished, I mean that I’d clearly broken all of it’s screw mounts and snap ins, but it was still more or less attached and kind of sagged a bit. I also popped the right front wheel well cover out. Internally, the car appeared to be ok. I had some dirt on my intercooler, but I brushed that off. No leaking fluids and no sounds of escaping gas. I closed the hood, got back in the car, and started it right up. (The ECU probably went into fail safe mode and just needed to reset.)

I drove it to work and spent the day there. When I left that evening, I checked again to see if anything was leaking from my car. There wasn’t. So I got on the road and headed home (to Pasadena.)

About 5 miles outside of Riverside I heard (and felt) a loud bump. I wondered what it was, but the car didn’t drive any differently, so I kept going. About 2 miles after that, some dude drove up next to me and started waving and yelling and pointing at my tires. So I slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. I got out to discover that the large bump that I had felt and heard was in fact my right *rear* tire blowing out. Fun times!

I changed my tire on the side of the road.

The drive home was slow, but I got there in one piece. Later that evening, my dad and I finished moving the rest of the large things out of my apartment. It is now empty, save for a few cleaning supplies. As luck would have it, though, I managed to smash something against my leg while I was carrying things. My cell phone was in my pocket. The external display is now broken.

This morning, I got up and took my car in to Vince to have him give it a once over and make sure everything was fine before I had the bumper replaced. I figured, I’d just pay the $1000 for the new bumper since technically I’d already been paid for it way back when when I got in my first fender bender. Vince had other ideas, though, as once he got it up on the jack he discovered that I’d broken a radiator mount. That required the front end be removed to fix and would get pricy in labor costs. So, he recommended that I get my insurance company involved.

I have a claim number. I am only liable for $500. Yay, collision insurance. Boo being an idiot.






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  1. The Loop Avatar

    All that and you’re still breathing. That’s something, right?

  2. nessa Avatar

    Glad to hear you didn’t lose any major body parts, at least πŸ™‚

  3. phil Avatar

    No, merely my ego was bruised.

    And as I said to my dad last night, “At least it was fun.”

  4. mostly Avatar

    lesson? riverside sucks. πŸ˜‰

  5. tim Avatar

    Maybe you should lose the schnitzel-rocket and get something meant for a dirt road… Like maybe a bright Orange ’69 Charger?

  6. cathy Avatar

    Your idea of fun and mine are waaay different!

  7. Amanda Avatar

    dumbass. πŸ˜‰

  8. Taroo Avatar

    Kids these days racing around on dirt roads pretending they’re the dukes of hazard… *sigh*

    Glad to hear you’re in 1 piece even if your car and phone aren’t. If you were clever and wanted to risk insurance fraud, you’d say the phone was broken in the car wreck. But then, “they” probably have spies watching you already and know the phone broke in your pocket, not in your car. (like m&m’s!)

    Expect your insurance premiums to go up 10-15% next cycle. They don’t like paying out. (They suk.)

  9. Clint Avatar

    Glad you’re ok. Things are replaceable, people aren’t. Didn’t know CA still had dirt roads. Aren’t the road supposed to be paved with gold and there is no sickness or disease? Man, Arnold is really falling down on the job.

  10. gNader Avatar


    glad you’re okay… i remember the first time i spun out. it was just a few blocks from patricks. on a fully paved road, even (this was in my accord)!

    is your gti FF or FR (guessing FF)? i’m too lazy to look it up. get some M+S tires if you’re running a summer tire. πŸ˜›

    so by over compensate, do you mean too much oversteer? was it you or the suspension? that wide right, was the wide your choice or was it understeer?

    if i take an AutoX course, want me to call ya for an invite?

    there’s only so much one can learn in parking lots and chapman woods. πŸ˜›

  11. nessa Avatar

    Hehe, I remember that spin out, too, gNader! Scared the heck out of me back then but it’s a fond memory now πŸ˜€

  12. Victor Avatar

    I guess it runs in the family. I just totalled my Tiburon on April 2nd!

    -Cousin Vic

  13. phil Avatar

    Totalled! For shame. πŸ˜‰

  14. tim Avatar

    Hell my car may be totalled.
    I have all kinds of little divots in it from a hail storm.

  15. Trina Avatar

    ArenÒ€ℒt the road supposed to be paved with gold and there is no sickness or disease?
    Clint, I’m pretty sure Austin holds that claim to fame.

  16. nessa Avatar

    Totaled a Tib?! I feel your pain and offer my condolences. If my BF’s Tib got wrecked, I’d cry. Love that damn car.

    What color/engine was it?

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