I’ve been informed that someone I know, nay, someone I would call a friend doesn’t like the television show Firefly.

I must say that I’m very, very disappointed.

Perhaps one day, in the future, when my wounds have had time to heal, we’ll be able to get past this horrible slight. Perhaps…

Probably not, though.






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  1. Clint Avatar

    I just don’t have room for another show in my life right now. I was practically “forced” to watch the pilot after working my ass off all day (on a Saturday no doubt). It was just predictable and dragged on forever. I literally found myself looking at the clock to see when it would end.

    We don’t have to see eye-to-eye on everything you know. Among many in our peer group from college, it was widely accepted that if Phil liked a movie, then it had to be shit. Starship Troopers – need I say more?

  2. phil Avatar

    I can understand not having a good view of the series, under those viewing conditions. I blame the person that forced it on you.

    That said, Starship Troopers is awesome. My gawd! You’re just diggin’ that hole deeper, eh??

  3. tim Avatar

    Starship Troopers is, indeed, awesome. Not to be taken seriously, at all, but is was excellent. My only criticism of that movie was the absence of soldiers in powered armor being shot to the planet from space. Landing craft? pffft.

    I didn’t force it on anyone. You had the DVDs in your possession for slightly under a month and hadn’t watched them at all. And frankly, you have a time limit that you needed to see them.

    How many times in that month did you play through Resident Evil 4? How many times have you watch L&O reruns on TNT?

  4. diane Avatar

    Clint, you have to give Firefly a second chance. The pilot is admittedly not very good ( *cough* terrible), but the series drastically improves. I think we forced ourselves to watch the second episode, but it got better with each subsequent hour. By the end, we had to keep ourselves from staying up late to finish watching the whole series in one evening.

  5. phil Avatar

    Seriously…I have no idea *why* they aired them out of order, but I found that having watched it both ways, it’s MUCH better to view them in airing order. Rather than chronological.

  6. Clint Avatar

    Alright yo. I’ll give it (and peace) a chance. Gawwwww. I can justify replaying RE4 b/c I now have the infinite rocket launcher and the chicago typewriter. L&O reruns DO help law students with criminal procedure which I am taking this summer.

  7. tim Avatar

    Well the only benefit of the pilot is that you DO get to know the characters and some of their motivations. Being thrust into the show in “air” order wouldn’t introduce you to the characters (in fact you wouldn’t even know Book’s name…since I don’t think they say it much…call him Preacher more)

    I think I watched the entire first disc plus 2 more eps in one sitting on a weekend.

  8. Karen Avatar

    I called to talk to Athena last evening and got Clint. After I talked to Athena for a while, it turns out that Clint expected me to chew him out for not liking Firefly. 🙂 I hadn’t read any blogs in eons, so didn’t know that this was posted.

    Glad you’re going to give them a second chance. Craig and I found the program first and we really liked it.

  9. Dave Avatar

    I have to jump in the fray here too, Clint.
    Watch all the episodes on the first disc (read both) before you see the “First Episode”.
    Trust me… I’m now a trained professional at breeding FIrefly fans, and the nice thing is that you don’t have to ‘Have room in your life” because there are only 13 episodes (*SOB*) to cherish every minute of.

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