There was this guy…

So, we just got this sent to us via one of the all-campus mailing lists. It is a crime bulletin put out by the campus police department. What I quote below is an excerpt:

Upon arrival, our officer contacted a 20 year old male UCR student who had been was punched in the face by a known male suspect, who had fled after the attack. The victim suffered injuries to his face and mouth, and was treated at the scene by Fire Department paramedics. He was later transported to the hospital by a friend.

The suspect is believed to be an off-campus neighbor of the victim, a 24 year old UCR student, with whom the victim has had on-going problems and arguments with.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should please call our Investigations Bureau at

I’m tempted to call them up.

“Yeah, about the crime bulletin you just posted. I know this guy, he lives next to this other guy. They fight all the time. Are they the same people? No, I don’t know their names.”






3 responses to “There was this guy…”

  1. diane Avatar

    You know what strikes me the most about that? The terrible grammar.

  2. diane Avatar

    And wouldn’t a “known suspect” be an assailant? I mean, if you know who did it, is the offender really a “suspect”?

  3. Karen Avatar

    Ah yes, the bad grammar. “had been was punched” Maybe it’s just lack of punctuation “had been was-punched” Of course, then you have to explain “was-punched” to me. 🙂

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