Idiots abound

So, I just got back to my computer. On it was an ICQ message from Tano. It’s quite a story.

Apparently, some dumb ass couldn’t get through the front gate to our complex. They tried the keypad, but it didn’t work. So, what do they do instead? They ram the gate with their car and force the gate open. It’s broken now.

The punchline: The apartment manager was in her car behind them. She wrote down their license plate and the make and model of the car and called the police.

Justice is served.






3 responses to “Idiots abound”

  1. tim Avatar


    Too bad they couldn’t do that when I got there… I bet it will be fixed by next week.

  2. Daynah Avatar

    That’s just awesome!

  3. Karen Avatar

    Oh, what a wonderful story! Just when you thought all those jerks got away with the dumb stuff they do.

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