The Tube is Civilization

I am now the proud owner of one of these:

198 of 750.

And, in case you live under a rock: The original comic






8 responses to “The Tube is Civilization”

  1. nessa Avatar

    Congrats! 🙂

  2. The Loop Avatar

    You damn bastard.

    Can I touch it?

  3. tim Avatar

    No thanks to the person that lugged it around the Convention for 3 hours, bitch? 😉

  4. phil Avatar

    I just got it. It’s bad ass. Thank you, Tim! You’re the mom.

  5. Taroo Avatar

    I was going to mock you about buying comic book art, but damn, that’s a nice piece. Congrats! Our (Julie & my) 2 pieces of “real” artwork are by Matt Rinard who isn’t as “textbooky” as your piece. (example)

    That’s one of the ones we own. We also own Dog Log. Anyway, congrats! I hope you have it nicely mounted & hung. I like the color scheme especially.

  6. Amanda Avatar

    HA! You’re the mom!

    (your bomb)


  7. tim Avatar

    I am the mom, and don’t you forget it, bitch. 🙂

  8. tim Avatar

    “The response to these at Comic Con was pretty intense. If you’d like to get one I recommend moving quickly. For the record our last limited edition print sold out in less than eight hours.”

    Considering I got there after the con had been open for about 20-30 minutes (and that is giving a lot of leeway-it was the first booth I went to) I highly doubt it took them them another 7 hours to sell the so-called remaining two.

    I don’t think they sold them in order, Phil.

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