An example

Many people have asked what it’s like to be in technical support. Many people have assumed what it’s like to be in technical support. Many people think that they have what it takes to be in technical support. I’m am going to present an example that displays what being in technical support really entails — knowing how to do other people’s jobs.

Joe is 45 years old. He’s recently divorced with 2 kids. He went to college, but dropped out when his then girlfriend, now ex-wife got pregnant. He has worked in several fields including food service, sales, construction, and office management. His experience and his circumstances have landed him as a supervisor in the mail room of a large wall street investment firm.

Today, Joe is looking at being undermanned. It being after the holidays, he’s got a few guys out sick, and the always present few guys who still need to get back into the groove of working entire 5 day weeks again. So he’s out on the floor helping to sort mail and queue up carts for the runners. As he’s sifting through the current bin of incoming mail he comes across a piece that has been mis-delivered. It’s for a firm across the street. Joe’s options are:

  • 1) Take the mail across the street on his lunch or break.
  • 2) Call across the street and have them send a runner over to get it.
  • 3) Drop it back into the outgoing mail for the postal service to sort out.
  • 4) Ask his supervisor what he should do.

What does Joe choose to do?

Phil: Hello, this is corporate technical support. My name is Phil, how can I help you?
Joe: Hi, my name is Joe and I work down in the mail room. I got this piece of mail and it’s supposed to go across the street, what should I do?
Phil: Shove it up your ass and run out into traffic, fuckwad. *click*






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