SharePoint: Where to find things

One of the first things I attempted to find was a forum or a mailing list that had a discourse of SharePoint related trials and tribulations.  I’ve been on the ActiveDir mailing list for many years now, and there is, daily, a wealth of information being shared by pros and novices alike.  I was hoping I could find something similar.  So far, no luck in the mailing list department.  Perhaps that will be something that I address in the future.  For now, however, I have found a lot of good blogs and websites of folks sharing the information I was looking for in a different format.

Word on the street is that SharePoint Joel is the world’s leading expert on SharePoint.  This is all hearsay, at least from my perspective, but what I’ve gleaned from his website so far has been invaluable.  Recently, he has indicated that he’ll be switching his blog over to things more personal and if you’re looking for SharePoint related topics, the new mecca can be found here:  I’ll be watching both sites for now.







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