SharePoint: You’re not the only one that can’t find anything

I find it amusing that as I delve deeper and deeper into SharePoint, I find that a lot of my questions have been answered.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find them.  Or, they’re actually being documented in near real time to my looking for them.  Or, they’re being discussed at a higher level at conferences and summits occurring, for all intents and purposes, right now.

Microsoft’s TechNet has a LOT of good information, but it’s very vanilla, and in order to answer specific questions you need to sort of piece together the answers out of the information provided.

Specific to actually building a farm, from the administrator’s standpoint, Joan Resnick Ehrlich has a fantastic set of articles that she’s publishing over at  The first one is titled: Life on the Farm: SP2010 Configuration – Prep Work Part 1.






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