Maybe I’m wrong

I tend to write and talk as if I’m an authority on a subject. I do it because it keeps arguments to a minimum. It’s also easier to push your agenda when you’re aggressive.

That said, I am in no way claiming that anything I write on this blog is 100% accurate. I’ve looked at sources, I’ve tested the solutions, but I still may be wrong. I may have patched some issue that was ancillary to the problem I was hoping to address, I may have made a change that covered up the problem I was trying to solve originally.

The short version of what I’m saying is this: Correct me. Leave a comment if you see something is wrong, or you think I’ve led people down the wrong path. I’m not above correcting my posts. This isn’t a static document. I honestly want to makes things easier for others struggling down the same path. I believe I would be remiss in not doing so.






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